My art is about the masks we wear whenever we encounter each other. Everybody is constantly trying to hide or exaggerate the feelings that run over and under their facial skin.

(click images for bigger example)

• Mask Painting 'Disconnected Music Man' © 2020
50x50cm Acrylic on canvas: € 750,-

• Mask Painting 'Facing Your Fears' © 2019
50x50cm Acrylic on canvas: € 750,-

• Mask Painting  'I Scare Myself' © 2019
40x40cm Acrylic on canvas in wooden frame: € 500,-
Painting: I Scare Myself

•Mask Painting 'Unlock Your View' © 2018
30x30cm Acrylic on casvasboard: € 350,-

• Mask acrylic drawings © 2017
Below are 24 masks I did as 30x30cm in colour that can be bought, framed (45x45cm), for € 100,- plus post and packaging. for inquiries mail me at: